Aug.5, 2013

A Canadian 3D printing hobbyist who previously made the world's first 3D-printed rifle, has now created an updated version of the gun.

The gun "Grizzly", which was unveiled last month, was able to fire off a single shot before the barrel cracked the first time around. Dubbed "the Grizzly 2.0", the updated .22 calibre rifle can now blast its way through 14 .22 rounds before cracking.

The gunmaker, who goes by the name "Matthew," told the Verge that his day job involves making tools for the construction industry. And the gun was created using a Stratasys Dimension 1200ES industrial 3D printer through his job. The rifle is made entirely from ABS+ plastic apart from its firing pin.

Matthew posted several videos on YouTube showing off his latest creation. He made some upgrades to the rifle, including a larger barrel with grooves to spin the bullet, and a larger lower receiver, which holds the firing mechanism. And now he is able to fire off 14 shots! At first, Matthew used a string to pull the trigger at a distance to keep him safe in case anything exploded, but the final three test shots, Matthew loaded the gun and shoot it like any other rifle.

Matthew said he would release the blueprints for the gun online later this summer, for anyone to download and make on their own.


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OB Snipyr wrote at 4/27/2014 1:58:28 AM:

Looks like the powers that be don't want us to see the videos. Maybe the sudden militarization of the police is related?

Paul Gross wrote at 12/23/2013 6:08:11 AM:

Apparently the Stratasys Dimension 1200ES costs about $USD 35,000. What is the point of making a plastic gun using such an expensive machine? Plus, lets get some perspective here: If you tried this on a hobby 3D printer it probably would break much faster (single-shot only) or would do something nasty to the idiot who fired it - like take out their own eye. And what is the effective accuracy of such a plastic weapon, anyway? Anecdotally I have heard that outside 2 metres it is so inaccurate that it is useless. The whole idea of 3D printed guns is a storm in a teacup. Seriously - if you had to choose between a 3D printed plastic gun and a kitchen knife to defend your life - just take the knife. Even a half-brick would serve you better than the plastic gun.

frank wrote at 10/8/2013 9:07:17 AM:

No video,, do not trust YT to keep your video, if they find that the video is not to their political agenda and does not support their masters, they will remove it

frank wrote at 10/8/2013 9:05:06 AM:

All video's do not exist, why have video's applied here then taken away

Jeff wrote at 8/7/2013 8:48:26 PM:

This is a development / proof of concept level item. If this can be made, someone will design a better, more durable version.

ThatGuy wrote at 8/6/2013 3:23:34 PM:

14 shots before it breaks? Why not just buy a Hi-Point?

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