Aug.8, 2013

Jordan Miller of RepRap announced today the launch of AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, which runs from August 1st-August 31st.

"For a while now, several of us have been thinking of a way to positively and constructively reinforce the unbelievable talent in the #reprap community, focus thinking, structure projects, and landscape a general framework in which progress can be made.

"Inspired by Google Summer of Code and work going on at Blender Foundation, AMRI seeks a return to some of the ideals behind the RepRap Research Foundation. The goal is to provide breakthrough mentorship, infrastructure, and research funding for promising young makers to pursue their interests using the scientific method."

The summer fellowship program is an experiment and it currently has two components:

1) engineering design challenge

2) fundamental scientific investigation (pending the success of the engineering design challenge)

"Here, we are taking a concerted effort to apply the scientific method to challenges in advanced manufacturing.

Zach "Hoeken" Smith, co-founder of MakerBot and a RepRap Core Developer, has agreed to serve on the advisory board. Josef Prusa, another RepRap Core Developer, will also be available in person towards the end of August to help provide additional guidance.

"We have four outstanding fellows and amazing research projects about to get underway here at Rice University:

Andreas Bastian – "3D Printing via laser-sintering of thermoplastic powders"
Steve Kelly – "Ink-jet printing of genetically modified living bacteria"
Anderson Ta – "Digital light projection (DLP) photolithography of plastics and hydrogels"
Ravi Sheth – "Bacterial cellstruder for synthetic biology studies"

Find more info here on's blog.

Thanks to Anderson for the tip.


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