Aug.9, 2013

Where are the markets going? Goldman Sachs' analysts believe the following eight secular disruptive themes have the potential to reshape their categories and command greater investor attention in the coming years.

In their new report titled "The Search for Creative Destruction" lead analyst Robert Boroujerdi wrote, "Indeed, these stories through product or business innovation are poised to transform addressable markets or open up entirely new ones, offering growth insulated from the broader macro environment and creating value for their stakeholders, in our view."

The Eight Themes are:

  1. E-cigarettes – The potential to transform the tobacco industry
  2. Cancer Immunotherapy – The future of cancer treatment?
  3. LED Lighting – A large, early-stage and multi-decade opportunity
  4. Alternative Capital – Rise of a new asset class means growing risk for reinsurers
  5. Natural Gas Engines – Attractive economics drive strong, long-term penetration
  6. Software Defined Networking (SDN) – Re-inventing networking for the cloud era
  7. 3D Printing – Disruption materializing
  8. Big Data – Solutions trying to keep up with explosive data growth and complexity

In details, Goldman Sachs wrote 3D printing has the potential to offer high degrees of customization, reduced costs for complex designs, and lower overhead costs for short-run parts and products.

Goldman analyst Cristina Colon pointed out 3D printing is penetrating the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Boeing had 25% ~ 50% cost savings per part when they printed 300 distinct airplane parts. She notes as materials properties improve and processes become more robust, 3D printing could become increasingly important for end-parts production.

Source: Goldman Sachs

The industry has been growing in excess of 20% annually and is widely expected to accelerate in the years ahead. Goldman notes that currently the 3D printing industry is a $2.2 billion market, and its revenues will reach $10.8 billion by 2021. "The 3D printing industry operates with the design-to-manufacture value chain, which by some estimates is a $30 billion opportunity." writes Colon.

Goldman does not cover the 3D printing sector or companies but also notes that Stratasys is by far the largest vendor in terms of unit shipments. It merged with Objet and now has half the industrial market.

With nearly 18% unit share in 2012, 3D Systems is the second largest vendor in this space.

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Source: Goldman Sachs


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Ron Krenn wrote at 8/17/2013 11:13:42 PM:

ONVO, wait until the day "ONVO" surprises the world with news about a working organ. The price rise in that stock at that time alone, will be unlike anything we have ever seen in the stock market. Ever! RJK

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