Aug.14, 2013

Artist Joaquin Baldwin (joabaldwin) re-created a set of Final Fantasy VII characters using 3D printing back in July, and now he is back again with a complete set of Final Fantasy VII low-poly figures.

"It took me weeks of hard work to rip them, re-assemble the parts, re-texture each color individually, pose them manually, fix thin areas, make them hollow to cut down costs, balance them, make test prints, and a ton of other stuff." says joabaldwin.

Look at the amazing works from joabaldwin (below), the figures are clean and don't look dated at all. They bring back so many memories - can you recognize some of them?

Now you can buy them on Shapeways with the price between $13 ~ $19. Also available is an awesome odin, the Guardian Force riding his horse Sleipnir, with his deadly Zantetsuken attack, from the FF8 videogame.

This is the in-game model, and comes in full color with the original textures.

"It's a big model, 5.5 inches high (a soda can is about 4.75 inches high), and it feels very solid and heavy in your hands. The horns are thin and brittle and might break, so please be careful. If you break them, a bit of superglue works great and you won't even be able to see where the crack was." writes joabaldwin.



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