Aug.22, 2013

Where are the top 50 fastest growing online jobs for Q2 2013? According to, The fastest growing jobs online in the second quarter were in the design and 3D-printing industries.

"2013 will be viewed as a year of unprecedented disruption, with tectonic shifts in the design and manufacturing industries as they struggle to adapt to the unstoppable rise of crowdsourcing and 3D printing," CEO Matt Barrie explains.

Charting the top 50 fastest growing job types on a quarter-by-quarter basis, Barrie explains the 3D printing industry heats up amid a $600 million acquisition, and the design industry flourishes as SMEs embrace freelancers over local agencies.

3D printing

The 3D industry continues to grow as increasingly households and workplaces adopt 3D printing technologies.

"As a result, 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling and 3D Animation showed significant growth, with all three jobs securing spots in the top 20 categories (up 17.3% from 1,570 jobs, 12.5% from 1,774 jobs, and 11.7% from 1,758 jobs respectively).

"First flagged in the Q1 2013 Fast 50 as a key growth industry, recent industry movements, such as the acquisition of Makerbot by 3D printing giant Stratasys, continue to suggest that this will be the industry to watch in the latter half of 2013." says Barrie.

Online design

The online design industry flourishes as SMEs embrace freelancers over local agencies. Illustration (up 19.7% from 1,501 jobs), Photoshop Design (up 19.4% from 1,241 jobs), Banner Design (up 14.4% from 2,131 jobs)and Logo Design (up 9.2% from 7,591 jobs) are all up in Q2 as ever-increasing fees charged by design agencies encourage SMEs to embrace online designers and force them to shop around for a better deal.

"Disruptive online business models such as crowdsourcing deliver unprecedented levels of flexibility, quality and ROI for SMEs, and we anticipate that this trend will continue as creative design professionals embrace online freelancing, while traditional design agencies join Borders and the Dodo in the annals of history." says Barrie. also showed other online job trends:

- Android continues to school Apple: Android achieves 14.8% growth as iPhone and iPad lag with 10.2% and -2.5% growth this quarter.

- Facebook marketing jobs grew 16% this quarter while after a strong first quarter, Twitter stagnated at just under 2% growth.

- Telemarketing and Email Marketing jobs showed a strong 14.6% and 4.9% growth respectively, meanwhile, a Google Penguin update has delivered another crippling blow to SEO and Link Building jobs, further damaging an industry that is struggling as advertisers increasingly diversify their budgets into social channels like Facebook.

- SMEs now use freelancers for core tasks such as accounting, report writing and the creation of powerpoint presentations. analyzed more than 300,000 jobs posted in Q2 2013.

Below is the full Freelancer Q2 Infographic:

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CornGolem wrote at 8/22/2013 8:49:07 PM:

This looks like marketing bullshit. 3D animation, rendering and modeling have nothing to do with printing. must be trying to surf on the 3D printing hype. I'm a member of that site and 2 others similar, I have seen very few 3D printing jobs. Check for yourself: 3D Animation (90) 3D Modelling (91) 3D Printing (2) 3D Rendering (70)

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