Aug.26, 2013

Taiwan-based Kinpo Group announced today its own-brand 3D printers: XYZprinting. The new 3D printers will target the entry-level and mid-range segment initially. "Kinpo will pioneer the 3D printer market in Taiwan and further strengthen its deployment in the segment in the next 2-3 years", said company chairman Rock Hsu.

The products are launched by a subsidiary of the Kinpo conglomerate: Kinpo Electronics. Kinpo will promote and display its 3D printers in the local market through its retail and service outlets.

Kinpo is setting up a new company "XYZ International 3D Printing Technology" (translated), a joint venture by Kinpo's subsidiaries - Kinpo Electronics Inc. and Cal-Comp Electronics and Communications Co, the world's No. 2 contract notebook maker. Kinpo is planing to release the first model "da Vinci" before the end of the year. Priced only NT $ 15,000 (USD499), the new 3D printer is designed to meet the demand in the future that every family needs a 3D printer.

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Shen Shi Rong, Chairman of XYZprinting, expects Kinpo's sale could reach to one million units in the next three years and will also be the first 3D printing company to reach this amount in sales.

According to Rock Hsu, the da Vinci 3D printers are expected to be available for pre-order in September. The printers will be on the market in December and be demonstrated in 18 Vibo Telecom stores, another subsidiary of the Kinpo Group.

Kinpo will promote its XYZprinting 3D printers in the local market in cooperation with channel operators. For international market the company plans to push sales of the printers through international distributors and OEM orders.

As a longtime supplier for Hewlett Packard, Kinpo group hopes to leverage their experience in the conventional printer-making industry to seek new opportunities in the 3D printing world.


Technology: Fused filament fabrication (FFF)

Build envelope: 200x 200x 200mm

Material: ABS and PLA

Single extruder

Layer thickness: 0.1mm

* Updated versions to be released next year will include wifi connection and double extruder.

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Cartridge cost: USD 25, weight: 600g © NOWnews

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C wrote at 12/23/2013 12:16:59 PM:

More cleavage !!!

Tim Perry wrote at 8/31/2013 7:24:26 PM:

That young lady isn't the Chairman, then? Oh. Ok.... Tim

David Palacio wrote at 8/30/2013 3:20:51 AM:

I m very interested in your profucts Andrés innovations My inerest id basicly in to learn capacitación and to be a sales man of your printers and primal materials Thanks David Palacio Torres

Adam wrote at 8/28/2013 10:58:58 AM:

yeah cartridge is crap fuck them

William LUE XiMing wrote at 8/27/2013 3:48:29 AM:

Dear all, Mixed feelings towards the announcement that Taiwan's Kinpo will produce/sell 3D printers (branded as XYZ da Vinci) and hope to hit the million units mark in 3 years. For details, check out the link below -- Mixed feeling on my part in the sense that Rock Hsu 許勝雄 is behind the bold move. Hopefully he would apply his jaded experiences with Taiwan's trade bodies like TCA, TEEMA, and his stakes in mobile communications (Vibo) will play the role of a driving force to push the government towards formulating a Whitepaper before it becomes too late for strategic synergies to happen in the best interest of the technology's development in Taiwan. Check out the story, and, excuse the cheesy photo of that model showing cleavage (for what?) ... 大家好 金仁寶集團許勝雄旗下企業 Kinpo 終於宣布九月推出 da Vinci XYZ 三維列印機種 期許三年內可以銷售達百萬組桌上型機種 消息令我憂喜參半 憂的是 廠商果然走在'政策'之前 到今天仍然沒見到相關主管單位的政策白皮書 需要建立完整產業鏈鞏固國際競爭力的業內社群 工研院南分院的'台灣光谷'嗷嗷待哺 只怕政府慣性的堰苗助長 終究讓這個關鍵技術'先天不足 後天失調' 後續發展上 難逃落在馬來西亞 越南 等地之後的宿命 喜的是 許勝雄有多年打組織戰的經驗與人脈 從 TCA 到 TEEMA 以及行動通訊聯盟 等 希望能盯緊政府拉高主管單位層級 謹早迅速端出有效的政策白皮書 讓後續相關發展能有通盤配套的宏觀規劃 加上 Rock Hsu 也是台創中心的董事 可以把 '三維列印徹底解放設計' 的核心本質 與台灣同樣需要政策方針的 文創 相關業態與商機 做到起碼的連結 有望刺激綜效 請詳相關報導 也請原諒原文所提供那不搭嘎的相片 (事業線 何干? 如果所穿的'小可愛'是用 該機器列印出來的, 就該堂而皇之地加注說明) 祝 安好 Cheers, Wm

Proteus wrote at 8/27/2013 12:09:24 AM:

Very nice printer for the price, but the CARTRIDGES!!! If I bought this, first thing I would do is try and crack the cartridges.

Joe Larson wrote at 8/26/2013 9:07:14 PM:

Hmm, chipped filament. Looks like they're planning on subsidizing the hardware by overcharging for filament. Well, that sucks.

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