Aug.27, 2013

Back in Dec. 2012 we previewed Startup AngelEyes in China and its coolest HEX Air Robot project: an open source robotic aircraft with 3D printed components.

HEX Air Robot is a portable robotic multi-rotors copter designed for rescue research, 3D re-modeling, geographical surveying and mapping and short distances transportation. It had many features such as autonomous pilot and pre programmed air maneuvers, obstacle avoidance, trajectory movement, etc.

Since last year, more features have been added to the design, including:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 for communication between the smartphone and the circuit board
  • A RC Touch control system with a user-friendly interface
  • A Wi-Fi webcam for real time video stream flow to the smartphone
  • A pair of First Person View (FPV) that let users experience what it really is to be in the air
  • A 5.8G Radio telemetry module used for real time transfer of videos to the FPV glasses
  • You are allowed to choose shells or desgin personalized shells to customize your Hex

Hex has four to six propellers and can be controlled using mobile devices and is very easy to fly. The control methods have made the physical control stick remote control redundant. Hex has the capability of carrying a webcam that lets its users to take photos and videos from the air, and stream video in real-time on a tablet or a smartphone.

Hex: A copter was launched last night on Kickstarter. Many rewards are on offer for pledges varying from $9 to $2999. In less than 12 hours, it reached nearly $18,000. Up to now it has raised more than $22,410 for its Kickstarter campaign, while AngelEyes' original goal was to raise $10,000 in its first 45 days.

Hex is the world's first personalized smartphone controlled nanocopter, and also the world's first consumer electronic product that uses 3D printing technology to achieve personalization, says the team. Hex uses 3D printers to change its look - "we hope to develop Hex nanocopters into a very customizable experience." write the developers.

The look of Hex is completely customizable by the plug-and-play 3D printed shells provided by the team. There are many different designs available that can be directly mounted on top of the circuit board. Creative people are also able to design their own shells.

Here are the main features:

Hex is a completely open source nanocopter kit made by a community of makers from around the world. Check out its Kickstarter campaign here.


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