Sep.9, 2013

ZMorph is a unique 3D printer based on RepRap Prusa Mendel machine. It has a large working area, 235x230x165mm. The key feature is ZMorph extruder which is designed to be very easy to attach/detach. Together with dedicated carriage design, it creates a clip-on solution, secured with one screw only.

ZMorph is also a desktop manufacturing machine. Through use of exchangeable toolheads, including plastics extruder for 3D printing, CNC mill, chocolate extruder, you will be able to 3D print in ABS, PLA, Nylon, polycarbonate, ceramics and also chocolate. The company is also planning to release double material extruder for support or multicolour printing (available end of 2013).

In addition the ZMorph is equipped with chamber that keeps the internal temperature high to prevent plastic from warping.


  • Construction: aluminium 6mm
  • Working area of 235x235x165mm
  • Nozzle: interchangeable hot-ends : 0.38mm, 0.5mm
  • Max travel speed 500mm/s, print speed 60-100mm/s (varying depending on layer height and nozzle size)
  • Min. layer height: 0.1 (ABS), 0.05 or less (PLA)
  • Heated bed: glass 5mm, kapton heater 200W, standard temp 120 degrees.
  • External dimensions: 530x555x480 mm

Back in May, ZMorph 3D printers were used for printing spatial and audio-visual installation opened in Warsaw, in headquarters of Platige Image Studio. Totally 800 parts were printed in 3 months time. The project was a good demonstration of high-speed, low-budget 3d printing potential.

In the future the team will also develop dedicated ZMorph software with its own unique slicing engine featuring drag&drop printing, remote printer monitoring, host-less printing and more.

The ZMorph 3D printer is priced at 1250€ (VAT excl.).


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Finder2014 wrote at 1/24/2014 4:51:32 AM:

and here I see the proven design, additionally stiffened beautiful Plexiglas, which further protects the working area, with a sky more options to use and when you enter their website you can read that they wrote their own software, which beats the current market it on the head, the price this time is very good, I would like this one

James wrote at 9/10/2013 11:30:07 PM:

Unique? Are these jokes? I dont see any unique solution, I see only normal Mendel Max 1.5 with plexi panels for $2k LOL, VERY SAD!

JD90 wrote at 9/9/2013 7:39:09 PM:

Yet another Mendel-based design. No thanks.

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