Sep.10, 2013

Inspired by Lyman Filament Extruder, San Diego, CA based Ben Fishler decided to try and construct an easy-to-use version for home hobbyist users. Fishler's latest filament extrusion device, STRUdittle is an ultra-compact device and can make ABS filaments with extrusion rates of 12-24"/minute at only 5V out of the rated 12V motor. The precision on this extruder is high, "it can get up to +/- 0.05 mm tolerance on the extruded spool material when using the free-hanging floor coil method and +/-0.03 mm tolerance on the extruded spool material when using the auto-spooler," writes Fishler.

Filament out of STRUdittle (white) vs. major brand name filament (red)

Ben Fishler have an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering, and he has been tinkering with electronics (embedded programming) and 3D printer (currently building two more) in his spare time.

STRUdittle has been designed to be a compact, fast, precise and low-cost filament extruder. The machine measures approximately 9.5" wide x 6.4" deep 4.3" high (primary hopper/motor excluded). The electronics enclosure unit is detachable and can be placed in the most convenient spot.

How does the main extruder unit work?

How does the constant speed and real-time feedback autospooler unit work?

Fishler has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to make this product available to the masses. The funds will go to the bulk purchases of the parts needed to make STRUdittle. It would also allow Fishler to buy even more specialty tools and R&D time to get the product the best it can be.

The initial goal of this Kickstarter campaign is $3,000. In return, backers can get a fully assembled STRUdittle extrusion device with a SureCoil attachment (makes the filament fall into perfect coil on floor for easy hand spooling) for $285 (Early-bird special). Backers can specify if they want 1.75 or 3mm size nozzle, or even a blank nozzle with a pre-drilled pilot hole for a custom size.

Pledge $385 you will receive a fully assembled second-generation STRUdittle with a real-time feedback auto-spooling mechanism included. To find out how to support this project, visit the STRUdittle's Kickstarter campaign page here.


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Pascal wrote at 6/13/2016 3:23:29 PM:

Hello could you tell me the diameter of your drill ? Thanks Pascal

Tyler wrote at 10/22/2014 11:10:43 PM:

I want the .stl is that available?

Tony wrote at 11/5/2013 1:24:50 PM:

I like your ingenuity and design but it takes more than that to open my wallet. You tell all about your design but you don't say why anyone would want one except at the very END where you say "if you want to save a lot of money, buy a Strudittle". If you want to sell these things put your value proposition up front and compare how much money other filament costs compared to filament you extrude yourself. Does it allow us to make filament we couldn't otherwise get? Any other advantages? I suggest make the video about the value proposition and drop the design features to keep the length short. People don't care how "cool" it is if they can't see how it would benefit them. I want to know the full process required from buying pellets, how much you have to buy, costs including shipping, quality ranges, color and material choices, etc... to how long it takes to extrude a kilo of pellets, how many kilos of your extruded you've used and has it caused any extruder jams or print quality issues, maintenance requirements of your machine, etc... The video implies the process is error free and produces nearly perfect filament. When there are no caveats about issues that may occur using a beta system I turn off my wallet. Be up front about issues and if they are not too bad you will probably get a lot of early adopters to consider your product. Good luck and I hope you get enough support to keep developing your product!

Adam wrote at 9/13/2013 12:26:24 AM:

I have not yet revived my Extrusion Bot so I will see what the diameter variance is. How can you guys put down the Extrusion Bot on accuracy due to speed when no body has revived 1 yet? :P Go speed racer go speed racer gooooo

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