Sep.11, 2013

Stamford, Connecticut based Zeepro Inc. introduces Zim, a personal 3D printer featuring a dual color printing head, Ethernet & WiFi connectivity, an onboard microcamera, smartphone and tablet control, and an exclusive refillable cartridge system.

According to Zeepro, the Zim project's unique features include:

Sleek design - features a monobloc aluminum C frame

Dual printing head for multiple color printing

Plug & play and user friendly
Zim can be controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, or PC using the printer's built-in Ethernet and WiFi. Zim is also equipped with a micro-camera, so users can check in on their 3D printing projects even when they are on the go.

Refillable filament cartridge
Zim's cartridge system protect PVA from moisture and are convenient to store. It offers a refillable cartridge for those who want to use their own filament.


  • Build envelope: 5.9"x5.9"x5.9" (150x150x150mm)
  • Resolution: 80 microns per layer
  • Speed: 110 mm/s in ABS or PLA

Below is a list of Zeepro Zim 3D printer features and technical comparison with other desktop 3D printers provided by Zeepro team.

The Zim project will go live on Kickstarter September 13th, 2013 and the campaign pledges range from 599 USD to 899 USD.

Zeepro was founded by an experienced team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs and it has now 12 full time employees with operations in both the US and Europe. The company has already raised 1 million USD in its first round of funding.

Source: Zeepro


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gadgetssai wrote at 6/14/2017 1:27:50 PM:

amazing printers thank you

Beverins wrote at 11/14/2014 6:07:00 AM:

The zim only allows its own proprietary gcode.. You can't upload from simplify3d, repetier or slic3r .. Too bad

beverins wrote at 9/16/2014 3:31:25 PM:

They went ahead and used the proprietary cartridges instead of refillable... only the kickstarters get a refillable. With their non-refillable cartridges, the Zeepro Zim's filament costs $120 per kilogram... Super bad value.

Julia wrote at 9/15/2013 6:05:35 PM:

Beautiful design, the right features and specs, and a seasoned team of pros that really looks like it can pull this off. Most professional and detailed Kickstarter presentation ever. Working prototypes that look 90% ready to go, and sample prints that look great. I'm in.

Paul from Zeepro wrote at 9/12/2013 9:14:11 PM:

Hello Ben, You will have an example of our "hi res print" tomorow on our Kickstarter page. And a description of pva as well.

Ben wrote at 9/11/2013 7:50:56 PM:

Hopefully they didn't jump the gun here with the PR. It's going to get buried before the kickstarter begins. Beginning to really hate no one showing hi res print examples.... It's a printer. It prints PVA cool!.... What is PVA exactly?

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