Sep.18, 2013

Fitchburg, WI based Radiant Fabrication has launched today the Lionhead, the consumer-level 3D printer to incorporate printing and 3D scanning into a single device on Kickstarter.

Radiant Fabrication was formed in 2011 to make 3D printing accessible to non-technical consumers. The Radiant Lionhead is more than just a printer, it's a scanner, too. It connects directly to a self-developed 3D modeling software — Radiant Li so when users finish with modeling, they could just click Print.

For scanning, users can press the Scan button, place an object on the Lionhead printing platform, and close the doors. In a few minutes, a copy of the object will be ready in Li for any improvements to be made.

Radiant Fabrication is offering the Lionhead Bunny with four printheads and the fully grown form the Lionhead with eight printheads. Lionhead features adjustment free filament drive, automatic calibration, high-power heaters, tweak-Free software for better prints, and carbon air filter.

Technical Specifications:

Radiant Fabrication's four printhead Lionhead Bunny (beta) printer/scanners is available on Kickstarter for $1,649 (EUR 1,253 / GBP1,060).

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Alessandro wrote at 11/27/2013 3:58:40 PM:

Hi, I should be really interested in a ALL IN ONE, 3D scanner and printer, for small objects, 2 inch for each side of a cube I mean, using just one material (ABS) for a cost, for the machine, of 2/300 €/$/£... I think that a machine with these characteristics, should be a GREAT xmas gift (for friends and for me too!!!). Thanks in advance for your work.

yehia hamila wrote at 9/20/2013 9:19:48 PM:

Is it possible to print the human head

Nathan Patterson - Radiant Fabrication wrote at 9/19/2013 4:00:38 PM:

Hey Reprap4life, Our intention for the initial release was to match what is printed with what you see in Li, our modeling software. As we move forward with our beta testing we will be implementing a few smoothing techniques to improve print quality and surface finish. Thanks, Nathan

Tricia Underkofler - Radiant Fabrication wrote at 9/19/2013 3:41:31 AM:

Thank you to for your post on Lionhead's introductory Kickstarter day. To the 3D community - one of the core goals of our campaign is to get feedback on what you like/don't like/would change on the Lionhead. We'd sincerely appreciate your comments. You can give feedback in three ways: 1) Comment on this article 2) Post on the comments section of our Kickstarter page: 3) Add a question/comment to the Community page on our website: Thanks very much and we be monitoring closely to answer any questions.

Reprap4life wrote at 9/19/2013 1:38:31 AM:

With print Quality like that, who needs a Makerbot Cupcake? A for creativity, F for print resolution and quality

Adam wrote at 9/19/2013 1:10:47 AM:

wow this is great I wish my printer could do 8 colors all at once nicely done.

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