Sep.22, 2013

Have you ever considered building your own digital camera at home? Well, it's easier than you would think. With the help of a 3D printer, a homemade digital camera is within your reach. You can not only build one yourself, but also fully customize the camera to your liking.

Thanks to Instructables user Randy Sarafan who has shared a detailed instruction online. It does require a little bit DIY skills, but seems anyone could just make it by following his instructions.

  • First of all you will need to download template for printing the body, and get all the stuff you need, including Radioshack JPEG Color Camera Board, Seeed INT106D1P SD shield, Arduino Uno REV 3, SD card, Round PCB Kit etc.
  • 3D print the camera body
  • Assemble the camera body and button, solder the electronics and insert the camera module
  • Program the Arduino with the code provided

You are almost there. After inserting the SD shield, plugging the wires as instructed, and plugging the battery in, the camera should now be ready for use. It doesn't have a preview screen as any modern camera, instead it operates more like a traditional film camera in that you don't immediately know what the pictures look like. But you will get a lot of fun from creating your own digital camera.

Check out below some nice shots from this 3D printed digital camera.

"While this may not be a high-resolution digital camera, it is nonetheless very rewarding." notes the creator Sarafan. "This camera allows you to not only build a tool, but be creative with it." For example you can expand the circuit to have new functionality, or design your own custom case by modifying the 123D Design build files.

"In the age of immediate gratification, slowing down the creative process adds a bit of magic and mystery to the whole endeavor. In fact, all of the camera's imperfections and digital glitches give the pictures taken their own unique character. For all of these reasons and more, this camera is a ton of fun to shoot pictures with."

If you want to try yourself, you can follow the instructions here on Instructables. So when you snap some photos and share them with your friends and family, tell them those images were taken with a 3D printed digital camera… that you created.



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