Sep.26, 2013

Fredericksburg, VA based Cody Wilmer developed MultiMod Consoles, the totally modular and modifiable workstation kits that you can use to build stands and workstations for your 3D printers. You can organize your filament and accessories, and give yourself more room to work with your 3D printer.

The kits are designed with a heavy-duty structural steel framing and feature rubberized, static-proof work surfaces. The kits are made from the Wilmer's Fitz Kits system which is based on metal poles and joints. The poles are coated with a thick vinyl finish in different colors, and the joints have a chrome or black powder-coated finish. Assembling kits doesn't require special skills, just clamp the joints together with bolts and nuts with a hex wrench.

Wilmer launches the project via Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and hopes to raise $15,000 in seed capital to be able to order materials in bulk and bring the kits to as many school makerspaces as possible.

The video below shows how the consoles are used in a school makerspace.


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jk90 wrote at 9/26/2013 11:52:55 PM:

I didn't see a link, but I clicked the "K" in the embedded video. The first minute of the video is bad music. Thankfully he didn't make it background music during the talking, usually Kickstarter videos have the background music compete with vocals.

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