Sep.27, 2013

Norway has a spectacular natural landscape and one of the top five most incredible terrains in the world. People travel there from all over just to stumble around in it. What if you could create your own 3D-printed replica of your favorite part of Norway? It will be something really nice to have and to remember when you stayed.

The folks at Bengler has started a project Terrafab that lets you create a slice of 3D-printed Norway in two easy steps. Using the open data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority you could simply choose your favourite area and click "Get this model 3D printed". If you have your own 3D printer, you can download the files directly. Or you can send the model to Shapeways where the model will be 3D printed in full color sandstone for $100. The base is 10x10 centimeters (~4x4 inches).

The folks at Bengler had previously been publicly critical of the pricing and availability of geodata so when Norwegian Mapping Authority releases their mapping data, they asked Bengler team to help with the release.

"Our aim with the projects below was twofold. Firstly we wanted to help others use common open source tools to get to grips with the dataset being released. Secondly we wanted to make surprising and useful things that clearly communicate what data like this can be used for in the eager hands of parties other than the traditional GIS-industry." writes the team.

Besides project Terrafab, the team has also created some interesting stuff, such as motion control software for 3D printers, a social network for their friends, a tool to let people type fast on their phones etc, as well as topological maps for social scientists using Selective laser sintering technology.

Watch the video below:


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Kit wrote at 9/27/2013 8:00:15 PM:

I've always wanted to own a piece of Slartibartfast's work.

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