Sep.28, 2013, a startup founded by Dylan Reid and his friends at MIT Media Lab is opening up Beta for MatterRemix, a new browser-based 3D modeler + editor and looking for beta testers. "With MatterRemix we're trying to bring Instagram like ease to 3D modeling, democratizing 3D content creation for all by making custom objects as easy to make as applying a photofilter." said Dylan Reid.

Earlier this month, inspired by the Apple Announcement of the iPhone 5C, put up some customizable iPhone 5C Cases and offers users to use their online tool iPhone Remix to customize and download their very own iPhone 5C case.'s ambitious plan is starting with a standalone web application for "remixing" existing STLs that you can edit, share and 3D print models right from your browser -- as easy as applying a photo-filter.

"There seems to be a consensus that simple content creation is the biggest bottleneck to consumer 3D printing," said Reid. "But for all the talk, there's surprisingly little innovation. Simple geometric modelers have been around since the inception of computer aided design and digital sculpting tools have been used by the entertainment industry for over a decade. We believe that if 3D printing is ever going to cross over into consumer applications, there needs to be some radical new thinking about 3D design."

"We've taken our greatest inspiration from 2D design tools and think there's a lot of lessons to be learned from their evolution. At one point photo editing was something only a small group of people engaged in and now with Instagram and Aviary, it's something nearly all of us have contact with." said Reid.

"What's magical about photo filters, that is completely missing from the 3D world, is the ability to make meaningful transformations with the click of a button. As we look beyond where we are now, into the future of personal fabrication, we see a lot more 3D design working this way: reducing complex functionalities to the click of a button or the push of a slider bar."'s 3D modeling tool allows you easily edit models from your browser. You can choose materials from Ceramic, Chalk, Matte, change colors, create effects (facet, lego-bottom, and Cube), cut planes on x/y/z axis, change the size of your model using the slider bar, add text etc. Upon completion of editing, you can download the stl file and 3D print model at home, or send the model to Shapeways for 3D printing. You can also share the model online or embed it in your webpage. is opening up MatterRemix to a small number of users as part of a closed Beta. For our readers, is giving a special registration code: 3DRS. In addition to being the first to use their software, the startup will be giving the first 500 Beta users a guarantee that they'll be able to use MatterRemix for free even as they unroll paid and premium plans. plans to launch MatterRemix this fall.


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