Sep.30, 2013

Metro is Chris Coleman's every day commute on the Denver Light Rail. With a handheld 3D scanning device and a laptop, the artist rode the Denver Light Rail and recorded his experience. The project was commissioned in 2013 by DENVER DIGERATI for the DENVER THEATRE DISTRICT.

METRO is a journey, beginning outside and moving inwards. Sometimes enveloping and sometimes sparse and shattered, time produces forward motion and simplification. It is documentation of a physical space, captured millimeter accurate coordinates, colors and varied textures. Several real journeys have been digitally distilled to become a beautifully abstracted experience, not unlike to the disconnection one has while riding public transport.


The train was scanned by walking through the car from one end to the other while en-route and train stations were captured with short strolls between stops. The fragmentation and gaps in data are defined by the physical bumps, speed, and curves in the journeys affecting the hand of the artist while scanning. While the final models are still, they are documents of time, perspective and perception. In this way no two scans will ever be the same; each is documentation of that unique body on that particular journey.

Chris collected the data using PrimeSense Carmine and Skanect. Rendered in Blender Cycles with the help of render farm.

Watch the video below this creative work from Chris Coleman:


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Briareos wrote at 10/6/2013 5:58:27 PM:

loool what a piece of crap. looks worst than 20 years ago. when the 3D scanning started.

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