Oct.6, 2013

In May, five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries of Vancouver died after a struggle with inoperable brain cancer. Sarah and her father Jon were a huge fan of Mechwarrior Online and her favorite chassis was the Jenner with Streak SRMs, "because she liked to lock on" to enemy targets.

In the wake of her passing, a special "hero mech" in her honor, Sarah's Jenner was launched and for $10 you could purchase it from Mechwarrior Online and all proceeds was donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. The community is responding brilliantly, raising over $6000 less than an hour after the initiative went live.

Valcrow, a Mechwarrior fan and the creator of 3D printed posable Atlas, and his friends at No Guts No Galaxy (NGNG) wanted to bring Sarah's Jenner into reality, and present it as a gift to Sarah's father. They decided to make it 1:60 scale, which puts the Jenner at around 150mm tall, almost exactly as tall as the Atlas. It is an absolutely wonderful work. Same as the Atlas, their Sarah's Jenner has moving joints, and is a hand painted, free standing, posable 3D printed model.

Sarah's Jenner was made on a standard Ultimaker 1 3D printer. The rotating joints are made of roughly 39 parts. The most parts were printed at 0.12mm layer thickness except the head which was made at 0.08mm. Valcrow had made three of them: the first one was a prototype for testing all the tolerances, and mechanical issues that arise from going virtual to physical; the other two were gifts, one was sent to Sarah's father, and another to the game developer.

"It took 2 full days to print all the parts. But it actually went quite smoothly, I designed, prototyped, and assembled and re-designed version 2 in a span of a week and a half, between work." says Valcrow.

"Sarah's Jenner had a unique skin designed just for her, complete with rainbows, unicorns, band aids and teddy bears. These decals were painstakingly reproduced with tiny brushes. -possibly the most time consuming part of the process… but the results are well worth it!"

Watch Valcrow's awesome work below:

(Images credit: Valcrow)

Valcrow and his friends weren't the first people to have this idea. Horned Owl on the MWO forums created a full colour 3D printed Sarah's Jenner at Table Top scale for her father as well. It stands 2 inches tall and was printed in full color as it is, no post print assembly, no painting. Great work!

(Images credit: Horned Owl)



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