Oct.9, 2013

Inspired by the iconic Mobius Strip, Taiwanese designer Vincent Huang created incredibly beautfiul "RIBBON" series of designs that he 3D printed out of metal. This Ribbon Series include the brilliant "INFINITY" - 3D printed letter opener with unique form, the "Swirl" - 3D printed scissors and "Blossom" is a corkscrew.

The Mobius strip discovered by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858, is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component. The "INFINITY" is the very first design from Huang, it is made of one single continuous metallic ribbon which is less than 1 mm thick. Stainless steel 3D printing makes it extremely light and rigid. It is designed to be picked up easily from table or drawer.

"SWIRL" is a 3D printed scissors, inherited the same aesthetic "RIBBON" DNA. The "SWIRL" were formed by thousands layers of metal powder. It has a neutral contour with a ergonomic gesture. The curved ribbon handles prop up the scissors naturally, that assists the user so that the scissors can be picked up easily from table or drawer.

There're 2 different ways to hold the scissors, "relax" & "precision". The photo is showing the "relax" holding gesture where the curved handles are dropping downward which offer more space and comfort for fingers. It's also easier for user with bigger hands to operate.

"Precision" holding is when you operate the scissors from the opposite. Now the curved handles are grabbing upward which provide a tighter grip for the hand. It's also a recommeded for small hands to operate the scissors.

"BLOSSOM" is a corkscrew inherited the "RIBBON" identity that literally looks like a cheerful cherry blossom on its own. The petals are formed by 4 floating ribbons that gently merge into the screw part at the bottom.


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