Oct.11, 2013

Spanish architect Jose Gemez has developed a RepRap 3D printer Repemaker with similar movement as Tantillus and Ultimaker system. It has bowden system, heated bed and strong axis. It's very compact with electronic and power supply integrated in the structure.

"The Repemaker is an experimental 3D printer using parts which are easy to find: Open Belts, smooth rods, MDF wood etc. And my focuses are on accuracy and compactness", says Gemez. The prototype measures 40 x40 x45 cm and is very easy to transport. Gemez tried to design the structure with less parts as possible. It features IGUS linear bearing for low-noise operation.

Check the video below the movement on x-y axis:

Travel speed test 200mm/s - print 30 mm/s with 0.3 mm height layer:

Gemez has made two prototypes, one with t2.5 pulleys and the another with GT2 pulleys. The printers are now totally functional.

If you want to build your own, you can view the Repemaker's BOM and instructions on its website, and the files for 3D printed parts can be downloaded from thingiverse.

Below are the 3D print samples from Repemaker, printed with 100 microns resolution, check them out:


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