Oct.18, 2013

Canadian company ORD Solutions announced today that it is developing a unique 5 color/material 3D filament printer.

The 5 Color/Material 3D Printer is based on ORD's 3rd generation 3D printer BTO1001 R2. But new printer has five (5) extrusion nozzles, that means you could print an object with up to five different colors without stopping to switch the filament. Or you could use three of the five nozzles for different colors, one larger nozzle for faster infilling, and one for a different support material.

BTO1001 R2 - 3D Printer

The entire printer is constructed from Aerospace grade 6061 aluminum and looks pretty rigid. The 5 Color/Material 3D Filament Printer features also all metal hotend, large build volume and heated bed. The build volume expects to be 11.1"(X) x 10.65"(Y) x 6.5" (Z), that is 282 x 271 x 165 mm. In addition, the extruder is removed off the carriage to reduce weight and increase speed.

The 5 Color/Material 3D Printer come fully production ready. But you can also specify what kind of nozzles you need, for example, to make one nozzle bigger for faster infilling, the company will customize it for you.

Here is a comparison of the 5 Color/Material 3D Printer to other 3D printer on the market, provided by ORD Solutions:

Watch the video below, the ORD Solutions 5 Color 3D Printer prototype printing in 2 colors, 2 white and blue dice.

ORD Solutions has launched the 5 Color/Material 3D Printer on Kickstarter. It is priced at $1,694 CAD (US$1,645 / EUR1,202). The team expects to get a working prototype of a five nozzle printer - five colors by Oct 21, 2013 and start building prototypes of the printers that people are pledging for by Nov 1, 2013. Find more info or back the project here on Kickstarter. Watch below the printer's Kickstarter promo video:


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