Oct.19, 2013

The Peachy Printer - the first $100 3D printer & scanner was launched on Kickstarter on Sep 20, 2013, and within one day it has already reached its original campaign goal of $50K. Up to now it has raised over $650K in pledges from backers, 1304% of its original goal, with one day to go.

The Peachy Printer inventor Rylan Grayston released a new video that Rylan goes into detail about what changes he's been making to the Peachy's design, and Scott talks about the circuit he's been working on.

Rylan also uploaded some images of the new galvanometer design:

The position of the coil and magnets are swapped for a far lighter mirror.

The increased efficiency allows for far higher mirror deflection and responsiveness.

Adding a small c-shaped core to the 2 magnets will cause the magnetic lines of force to be focused directly through the coil.

Here is an image of the new printer body. It features slotted side walls allowing for precise adjustment of the mirror assemblies. The laser and mirrors are also mounted in a new position allowing the beam to hit the mirrors at a more direct angle.

Above are what the company has been up to on the hardware side of the printer, but how about the software? The Peachy Printer's software developer James Cooper takes you through some of the challenges he's recently overcome in this in-depth interview below:

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Brent Myers wrote at 12/4/2013 9:18:39 PM:

looks like you could make a truly large super fast printer if you used a ti dlp chip and larger laser as a light source and a fixed reflective mirror; also you need to make it to interface with a standard stl slice program as this would make it compatible for most 3d cad programs out there.

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