Oct.29, 2013

Lens hood is an extra protection for your lens (from bumps) along with reducing lens flare. Lens hoods tend to be fairly sturdy and can take the scraping instead of your lens, if you are moving around in closer quarters to buildings, walls, etc. There are all kinds of DIY projects that show you how to create a custom camera 'Lens Hood', but now, Dutch studio Van Alles Wat Ontwerp wants to help you develop your personal style with 3D printed customized lens hood: Kapsones.

Every Kapsones lens hood is custom produced by Ultimaker 3D printers, in the color and shape of your liking. The material is PLA (Poly Lactic Acid). The company offers hip textured patterns and endless colours to match your need.

There are currently four pattern to choose from: Baroque, Knitted, Stealth & Street. You can express your style by choosing a pattern and your choice of six colors that suits you. Will a colored lenshood affect the color of the photo? According to Kapsones, "not enough to notice". But if you are not sure, it is always safe to choose black.

Kapsones currently support several Canon EF series lens, and more lens models will be added based on demand. Price: €19.95 ($27.5)/hood.


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