Oct.29, 2013

Polish start-up Jelwek company has recently launched their first 3D printer: MARK34. MARK34 is a compact, easy-to-build and low cost open source 3D printer kit. The printer has been designed to be simple but rigid - it features two aluminium boards connected with threaded rods. MARK34 uses h-bot kinematics, 6mm smooth rods and bowden extruder to keep the moving parts as light as possible.

The printer's external dimensions are 250x250x265 mm and it's got 140x155x105 mm working area. The bed uses 3 points of levelling and is made from plexi. MARK34 uses Teensylu v0.8 electronics made in Poland, which comes with a 16x2 LCD and a microSD card reader. The PSU is the universal laptop charger (12V). Side boards are mounted by the printed parts with two M3 holes, and you can also add different PSU's and electronics to match your need.

The X/Y axes uses T2.5 belt and T2.5x16 gears, a simple but effective tensioning system. Z axis is driven by one stepper (NEMA17, like the rest of them) using M5 threaded rod.

Check out the first prints made on MARK34 below. The price is 1,500,00 zł = $493 / €358 / £307.

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rambo wrote at 10/31/2013 5:19:53 AM:

Head is small and compact which is good for high speed. The frame is heavy in y axis but weak in x axis. It should vibrate like a parallelogram.

Stev wrote at 10/30/2013 4:15:47 AM:

small and ugly - my short opinion

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