Oct.30, 2013

Letterpress printing has been around since the 1400's. In the mid-fifteenth century Johannes Gutenberg is said to have invented the moveable type printing press. Gutenberg's press is considered to be the first instance of mass communication, after which letterpress printing became the primary method of printing and distributing information.

Letterpress is old school, but it's beautiful. The beauty of letterpress is the actual impression that is left on the paper. It is a great way to have your card be remembered or to cherish that special moment with a wedding invitation or greeting card.

During the Maker Faire Rome 2013, Tecnificio and Lino's Type presented Stampomatica: two models of analogic micro-machines to print business cards and postcards.

Stampomatica have been assembled with parts created by a 3D printer and a laser cutter. It is presented in two different models: one can print designs on business cards, and the second one for creating postcards or invitations, announcements, coasters, etc.

The two micro-machines are customizable according to the user's needs: anyone can choose the printing plate's design, the color of the material and ink, in addition to accessories for printing.

photo Tecnificio 2013

Postcard Printing Press, photo Alessandra Carosi 2013

Business Card Printing Press, photo Alessandra Carosi 2013

photo Tecnificio 2013

Stampomatica is an expression of digital manufacturing that joined the memory of movable type printing and the DIY attitude. It brings people close to the beauty of traditional typography: the letterpress printing.


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