Nov.3, 2013

In collabration with Melotte, an innovative 3D printing company based in Belgium, famous Belgian designer and optician Patrick Hoet and his team has developed the first 3D printed eyewear in titanium.

Hoet and Melotte offer two solutions. Eyewear with partial customization can be delivered in a week after receiving a order. Customers can also choose a completely personalized solution. Employing 3D printing technologies, 3D scanning and 3D modelling software, Melotte is able to provide individuals with a pair of specs that are printed based on the specific facial dimensions of the individual. All the glasses can be personalized with the name of the customer.

Currently 3D printed glasses frames are generally made out of plastic. For example Berlin-based company, Mykita, uses of Selective Laser Sintering technology to manufacture eyewear with their Mylon line of eyewear. The material used to manufacture their frames is polyamide-based. Another eyewear startup in San Francisco called Protos has used 3D printing and facial recognition technology to make plastic glasses frames. Their material, which also uses a variation a polyamide, is more durable for SLS printers.

According to Mario Fleurinck, the CEO of Melotte, their 3D printed titanium eyewear is unique and they are the first and the only company with this concept.

The first model of 3D printed titanium eyewear can be supplied in seven different combinations of specific lens and nose measurement to customers. Now this high-tech 3D printed glasses can be ordered through 14 Flemish optics stores and 15 international locations.

In the future, customers will be "3D measured" for specific medical and face-related data and this data will be used to create a frame unique to that customer. Fleurinck and Hoet expect 3D printing may one day herald a quantum leap in the optical market.

Thanks to Bart for the tip.


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Aaron wrote at 11/12/2014 12:10:45 PM:

*** Urgent! Potential Customer inquiry *** Wondering do you all have experience in titanium full frame spec.? If so, kindly urgent drop an email to Look forward for your prompt reply. Thank you. Aaron

Lonnie wrote at 12/20/2013 8:03:37 PM:

The first? No. Many, many eyewear companies have studied this technology. But, g'head -- give your rich customers what they ask for instead of what they're hoping for. Hopefully the Joyful Belgian's customer service is as good as their bier.

Alex wrote at 11/4/2013 9:47:59 AM:

Dirt catcher with a honeycomb... yeah! But nice design!

Chris wrote at 11/3/2013 8:20:57 PM:

Glasses, whoop de do How about more info on printing with titanium?!?!?! that's the real news story

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