Nov.4, 2013

You can find sculptures of animal skulls in all kinds of museum shops and home decor outlets, but Scott Camazine plans to create sculptures of animal skulls based upon CT scans taken from an actual specimen and print them using 3D printing technology.

The primary goal of his project is to create a collection of sculptures of animal skulls that accurately reflect the complex structures of nature. Camazine is a nature and animal lover since his childhood. Now, as a medical doctor and biologist Camazine is able to use his knowledge in computer, medicine, 3D printing and art to show the world the extraordinary beauty of the nature.

The CT scans of animal's skull provide an exquisitely accurate rendering of skeletal structures. Using radiology and computer modeling software Camazine transfers these images to digital files for 3D printing. His goal is to create an entire menagerie of sculptures of different animal skulls, and in addition, to provide these digital files as free downloadable resources for students, biologists and artists to use as non-commercial resources.

Camazine is looking for support on Kickstarter. The sculptures will be printed in acrylic plastic, stainless steel, bronze, and silver using 3D printing technology. Most of fund from the rewards goes to 3D printing company that fabricates the skulls, but Camazine hopes that the funding from this project will allow him to process, print, promote and distribute skeletal sculptures of dozens of different animals to a wide audience.

Check out the rewards for pledges or back the project here on Kickstarter.

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michael grayson wrote at 6/18/2015 2:57:42 AM:

wanting to case tiny animal skulls 2inches or smaller. where would i find the soft ware for 3d printing? or a person who already prints out such for lost wax casting? I teach at a non profit art school and want a few for demonstrations. thank you for your time and efforts. Michael Grayson 1766 west sagebrush ave rexburg idaho, usa 83440 12083593166

Scott Camazine wrote at 11/5/2013 12:21:32 AM:

Thanks so much for the posting!! I don't see a byline on the article. I would like to personally thank the writer. Please let me know who you are ;)

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