Nov.13, 2013

It was just last week that Makism 3D (MDDD), a Nevada 3D printer manufacturer announced it acquired Cambridge, UK based Umicron, another 3D printer manufacturer focused on the development of a low cost professional-grade 3D printer. Now Makism 3D is already introducing Umicron's 3D printer, named 'Wideboy' to the consumer, low-cost professional and education markets.

The stylish Wideboy features fully enclosed injection molded design and user-friendly interface. Dual all-metal extruders and a stabilized build chamber allow the Wideboy to print with high-temperature thermoplastics such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), nylon and polycarbonate and a range of support materials. The disadvantages of Wideboy product is its poor compatibility with PLA filament and priced higher than machines at the low end of the home market (below $500).

Umicron will manufacture and assemble a portion of the Wideboy in China and subsequently complete production of the Wideboy in the countries in which they are eventually sold.

In the future the Umicron will add bio-compatible extruder using syringe based methods, filament cartridge loading system and 3D scanning applications to its products. It plans also to include professional grade laser sintering device and web-based repository for printable 3D files in its catagory.

Makism 3D is taking preorders for the Wideboy, though the price is not listed.

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El. from LTF wrote at 11/13/2013 7:12:25 PM:

It looks like a retro radio, neat :) But how can you preorder something when you don't know the price?

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