Nov.14, 2013

A common misconception about Google Glass is that it has an eye-tracking button. Glass supports touch gestures, head gestures, voice controls and is capable of recognizing wink/blink gestures but it can not track where you are looking. But Brandyn White, University of Maryland PhD student, has made a very cool custom eye tracker for Glass that can be built for $25 and using a Makey Makey with Glass.

Brandyn removed the IR filter from a webcam and replaced the blue LEDs with IR LEDs to track your eye movements. The webcam mount was printed on a Form 1 3D printer by Formlabs team. When this eye tracker is linked to a web keyboard interface it allows you to manipulate a virtual keyboard with eye movements.

By using a Makey Makey and writing a client/server using WearScript to control Glass, Brandyn is able to use a variety of household objects such as bananas and play-doh, or even clothing to control Glass. This creates a very natural input device for Glass that is more subtle than using touch gestures which can be socially awkward if you are trying to use the device discreetly (e.g., during a meeting).

This cool project could possibly help people with disability or in medical field.


via: 9to5google

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