Nov.17, 2013

It is not just chocolate, it is also art. For the launch of its latest operating system, Android 4.4, Google has tied up with Nestle, the maker of KitKat chocolates, to produce a gallery of 3D printed chocolate sculptures. Nestle commissioned 10 of South Africa's hottest creative talent to design original sculptures made entirely out of chocolate - 3D printed chocolate.

In essence, all designs were created using the Android operating system and freely available online 3D modelling tools. To produce the artwork, a RepRap-style printer built by Hans Fouche of Fouche Chocolates was manipulated to use chocolate as its raw material, allowing the creation of intricate, three-dimensional sculptures.

Fouche Chocolates is a company in Centurion, South Africa producing 3D printed chocolates and cake decorations and has also made a contribution with Easter Island heads made of delicious chocolate.

Easter Island heads by Hans Fouche / image: KitKat

3D printing these sculptures was extremely challenging, says Fouche. For avoiding collapse during the 3D printing process, he had to print few layers at a time and then physically stick the sculptures together. There were numerous constraints in terms of complexity, size, weight and shape. And the result? Check out the full gallery of the Chocnology exhibition below, all original sculptures are made entirely out of 3D-printed chocolate.

Chocobot 3000 by Joey Hi-Fi / image: Hans Fouche

Munching Android by Liron Segev / image: KitKat

Maslow Reconstructed by Orijin / image: KitKat

The Thinker by Adrien Dawans / image: Hans Fouche

Death by Chocolate / image: Kitkat

Festive Alien by Arno Kruger / image: KitKat

Battle Kat by Am I Collective / image: Hans Fouche

Sounds like Freedom by Orijin / image: Hans Fouche

image: Hans Fouche

image: KitKat


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