Nov.20, 2013

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has teamed up with upcoming artist Bobbie Gordon to release a new song 'Down Boy' as part of the Bacardi Beginnings project and will be sold exclusively at world's first pop-up 3D printing record shop in London.

Open for just two days on Friday 13 December and Saturday 14 December in central London, the store will hightlight the first ever commercially released 3D printed record of the orginal track, complete with a choice of four different sleeves created by designer Kate Moross at Studio Moross.

"I'm proud to have provided the lead vocals on this track and my name's on it. And to then release it on 3D printed vinyl - that's just brilliant!" said Gordon.

The project is backed by Bacardi, and all proceeds from the sale will go to music therapy charity Nordoff Robins.

Earlier this year researcher Amanda Ghassaei posted instructions and prototypes of the first ever 3D printed record online.

It works by importing raw audio data, performing some calculations to generate the geometry of a record, and eventually exporting this geometry straight to the STL file format. Most of the heavy lifting is done by Processing, an open source environment that's often used for coding interactive graphics applications. To get Processing to export to STL, I used the ModelBuilder Library written by Marius Watz (if you are into Arduino/Processing and 3D printing I highly recommend checking this out, it works great). "

Then she printed the record on an Objet Connex 500 printer with its highest X & Y resolution 600dpi and 16-micron print layer accuracy. But it's still far lower resolution than on a vinyl LP, by a factor of 10.

Although the quality of the audio was low, the experiement opens up a series of possibilities for people to experiment with the process by creating their own custom one-offs.

"I'm really looking forward to hearing how it sounds." said Gordon. "I'm so glad that Kele has chosen to work with me on this Bacardi Beginnings project."

A launch party at which the artists will perform the track for the very first time takes place on Thursday, December 12, and tickets can be won via the Bacardi UK Facebook page.

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