Nov.24, 2013

Korean doctors and researchers have successfully rebuilt an artificial nose made with a 3D printer for a six year old boy.

Nerja, a boy from Mongolia was born without a nose and nostrils, a very rare deformity. Infants born without nose often couldn't breathe properly, and most of them die within 12 months.

Doctors Lee Jong-won and Kim Seong-won at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital and Professor Jo Dong-woo at Pohang University of Science and Technology have developed a support structure for the respiratory tract using 3D printing technology. In a series of operations doctors have rebuilt Nerja's nose. Nobody stared at his face, not anymore, because of his "brand-new nose".

Nerja arrived in Korea in April. The Korean team first tried to create a nose with commericially available artificial support. However the current available artificial support, a small cylindrical structure, was not fit well to function properly. The airway kept getting clogged. The team then decided to create the airway support / stent using 3D printing. Then they created the nostrils with the patient's bone tissues.

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The hospital says this 3D printer-enabled transplants is the first of its kind in Korea and is planning to apply for a patent for the 3D printed stent for the respiratory tract.

Source: KBS

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