Nov.27, 2013

3D scanners are dropping in price dramatically. We've seen quite a few startups cook up their own impressive 3D scanners: in August this year MakerBot unveiled its first desktop 3D scanner Digitizer, and then San Francisco-based company Occipital launched its mobile Structure sensor in September. Today, Kenmore, WA based Robocular LLC outed an affordable, consumer-friendly scanner called the Robocular, a high-resolution, full color and texture 3D Scanner that can automatically create 3D models of every day objects.

Here's how it works: you place an object on the scanner's platform and hit scan. The Robocular shines a high accuracy line laser onto the object from various angles and various directions, turns the object around and reconstructs the 3D model based on what it sees on its HD camera. The turntable rotates at about 4,000 steps per revolution, that means the device is capable of capturing the same information as 4,000 high quality pictures in a single scan and incorporate them into a colored model.

The scanner is closed-box so that external light doesn't interfere. The laser is a green, low-divergence laser which can capture raw details at up to 150 microns.

The Robocular has a scanning volume range from 7" diameter x 7" height (mini version) to 9" diameter x 9" height (standard version). In the standard version, the laser and camera can move up and down and the laser can be swept left to right so the device can take scans of the objects from multiple angles/locations. In the mini version, there are two fixed lasers.

The device comes equipped with a feature-rich software interface, allowing several operations on the scanned models including mold-making, simplification, merging, cutting and several other modifications.

Technical specifications:

The Robocular 3D Scanners are launched on Kickstarter for pledging today. The Early Bird price for standard version starts at $699. The Robocular 3D Scanner mini-version is available for 599$ (499$ if early bird).

Watch the demo video below. For more information, please visit the Robocular Kickstarter page.


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daniel benjano wrote at 7/4/2015 12:32:18 AM:

how can i order High quality color 3D scanner wrote at 8/28/2014 5:47:21 AM:

My company has a 3D printer, and would like a 3D scanner. is it really good? What 3D software does it use?

Hayden Keeley wrote at 5/29/2014 11:53:34 AM:

Give me! Where do I buy?

Pierre wrote at 1/15/2014 2:10:26 PM:

Hi i want for jewelry suply using about detail accuracy for 3d scanner can it work ?send me details to my email please. my email is Thank you

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