Dec.6, 2013

3D Hubs is a rapidly growing platform where owners of 3D printers can connect with people who want to print things. The start-up from Amsterdam is looking for hubs all over the world. Currently around 2,000 3D printers are registered on 3D Hubs, and among them, "Stratasys is the market leader with 25.5% of the install base on 3D Hubs, due to the acquisition of Makerbot. However, RepRap and Ultimaker are not lagging far behind with respectively 21.9% and 18.4% of the the install base. Finally, 10.8% of the registered printers on 3D Hubs are made up by a range of 3D systems machines." according to 3D Hubs.

3D Hubs released this week the December's report which contains data on which 3D printer models are trending upwards. "This will give insight into the which printers are the hot printers in the market right now." says 3D Hubs.

Last month 3D hubs unlocked cities across the US for local 3D printing after it opened its New York City office. 3D Hubs says it sees Makerbot is gaining significant traction with both the Replicator 2 (+56%) and the replicator 2X (+42%). "With this growth rate the Replicator is posed to overtake the Ultimaker 1 as the most popular printer on the platform soon."

Furthermore, due to the recent Ultimaker 2 (+271%) launch and the fact that the Form 1 printers (+55%) have started shipping, these two 3D printers have become the hottest 3D printers on the platform.

The top 10 is completed with the Prusa i3 (+53%), Printrbot (+51%), Up! Mini (+39%), Cube X (+36%), RepRap (+35%) and the Dimension (+32%).

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Bart wrote at 12/6/2013 11:41:31 PM:

I am curious if anyone saw available sources? It's cool to advertise under the sign of open source, but I ask what's the point? The guys from ultimaker are liars and lie to all the people around, their future customers, users, and also show a lack of respect to the open source community! I'm sure that soon will coincide with a group of several ultimker's psycho fans, but I would like to ask what to think about the open source, reprap community?

Alex wrote at 12/6/2013 2:21:49 PM:

Again? OMFG the Dutch ppl should stop quit smoking THC because they try push as they can non-sense company called ultimaker ;]

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