Dec.6, 2013

New York-based Proxy Design Studio has created an incredible, 3D-printed spherical gear with manual interaction called the Mechaneu v1. Mechaneu v1 is the first in a series of kinetic objects designed to explore the limits of 3D printing, says Toru Hasegawa, Designer and Partner at Proxy Design Studio.

"Nature solves many problems through shape alone, using material only where needed and taking out where unnecessary. This is a strategy you find over and over in the natural world, leading to complex geometries such as bone structures. We used this same logic on every part of the Mechaneu to create a porous object that feels completely solid."

The Mechaneu was created with sophisticated 3D modeling tools and custom algorithms. The texture and tactility of Mechaneu v1 are a result of an algorithm that models cellular growth patterns, giving the object its porosity and pattern.

Created in a one-shot fabrication process, Mechaneu v1 features an elaborate network of interlocking gears and support structures. Spin one gear and the entire sphere is catalyzed with rotation. The effect is mesmerizing, a visualization for the eye and a tactile experience for the hands.

You can now get Mechaneu v1 at Proxy's Shapeways shop for $199 in white, purple, red, pink and blue.


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Ryan wrote at 12/10/2013 8:38:53 PM:

Proxy Design Studio has stolen this, almost in its entirety, from

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