Dec.7, 2013

Deltaprintr, a new low cost Delta 3D printer made his debut at Maker Faire in September. Created by College students Shai, Andrey, Yasick and Eugene, the Deltaprintr is engineered to be simple, efficient, and affordable.

Deltaprintr uses three stepper motors to control the carriages that move the hot-end. The minimal carriage design allows you to simply slide the assembled carriage onto the extruded aluminum beams without having to make any adjustments. Instead of belts, the Deltaprintr uses 65lb Spectra fishing line to control the carriages, allowing you to expand the build volume later with very little cost. The printer also features automatic calibration, 0.4mm nozzle, 100 micron resolution and LCD included with SD Card. In addition it offers a 12 inch (30cm) printing height for your big creation.

The printer currently has no ABS option. The team explains that since their original goal was to make the printer as cheap as possible, so they got rid of the ABS option because ABS support requires a heated bed, a larger power supply and longer production time. But they may offer ABS support after the kickstarter. The boards that will ship with the printer will be ABS compatible as well.

This week Deltaprintr team launched the printer on Kickstarter asking for $195,000 by Jan.4 and has reached a quarter of their goal in less than 24 hours. Early bird and standard Deltaprintr kits are sold out, but you can still get early bird fully assembled printers for $655. All the pledge levels are limited, obviously the team wants to make sure that they don't overwhelm themselves, and the customers could get their printer on time. The estimated delivery is around July 2014.

Thanks to Sebastian for the tip!

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MR wrote at 12/28/2013 11:38:52 AM:

I personally think that this new one is superior: It comes with a heat bed, better electronics and multiple extrusion...for the same price.

JC wrote at 12/9/2013 7:25:03 AM:

Prints look good. Even if the prints are large the details are still of pretty good quality.

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