Dec.13, 2013

Angad Daryani has been called a number of things: child prodigy, little genius, the inspiring teenager, but he can best be described by one word - Maker. Angad has always been passionate about building things, he built a Lego Mindstorm Humanoid Robot at age eight. By 13, he was building a Rep Rap 3D printer of his own. He is now 15 and works as a researcher at Treelabs at IIT Bombay. He also researches on Robotics and Automation with the Innovators Club of India. Meanwhile he is the co-founder of Makers Asylum in Mumbai.

Angad is homeschooled by teachers who focus on hands on learning. "My interests required a lot of investment of time, hence homeschooling was the best option for me. I finished my 10th grade one year early and have hence gained a year." says Angad.

Angad's love for aquatic animals led him to name his DIY Kits company, Shark Kits, that sells DIY kits for everything from portable speakers to headphones to power supplies to Indian enthusiasts. He has also supplied RepRaps to institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. Angad is currently working on developing SharkBot, "the fastest and most robust desktop 3D printer that can print any material except metal", he told DNA India.

He came up with the idea when he noticed people were importing 3D printers from other countries. "After taxes that comes to Rs3 lakh (Rs 300,000) whereas the cost of making it is less than Rs30,000. We are wasting foreign currency by importing these things...I want to change that." says Angad. Angad works everyday at least four hours on developing Sharkbot. In November he started selling SharkBot kits to early adopters. His SharkBot is scheduled to be launched in January 2014.

His passion for building things also led to the invention of Virtual Brailler, an e-reader for the blind. It converts english text to braille in real time to give tactile braille feedback to the tracked finger of a visually challenged person.

"I am a school student, but i admit, 90% of my learning happens outside the classroom. My second school is the internet! I gained soo much knowledge from the internet and that has helped to reach this stage of being a maker, in my life!" says Angad.

Angad said he received his knowledge from the Open Source community, in return he wants to open-source all of his designs so people all over the world who want to build the projects he has built can do the same.

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