Dec.15, 2013

It is always great to see things can be done in an alternative way like 3D printing than only made by conventional means. Instructables user Mikey77 decided to use 3D printing when he needed a simple circuit board, a micro controller circuit that flashes three LED's in sequence.

He used the free program 123D Design to design a circuit board the same size as a standard soldered perfboard and printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 using PLA filament. However it uses a conductive material for the conductive traces instead of copper cladding. The board consists of trace channels with standard .1" spacing and holes for the components. Holes in the board allow component leads to be easily connected in printed channels that are later filled with a conductive paint or epoxy.

"This technique is somewhat faster than standard etched and soldered circuit boards. But it does require some skill and attention to detail to create a reliable circuit." says Mikey77. This example provides a good illustration of what is possible for your hacking adventure. The video below shows the working circuit board in action.


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