Dec.17, 2013 | By Cynthia

The Dutch organization for burn wounds (Nederlands Brandwonden Stichting) announces it will have access to a 3D printer sometime next year.

This printer will aid in the recovery of patients with serious burn wounds, and will be located in the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. According to VU research doctor Ernst Jan Bos, noses and ears are particularly vulnerable to burn wounds as they protrude from the body and the skin is thin. Researchers from the organization have been able to form cartilage using cartilage cells and stem cells from patients.

Ernst Jan Bos

The 3D printer will be able to create molds using patients' own stem cells upon which new cartilage will grow. Each mold is biodegradable and custom made based on a scan of the patient's head and existing cartilage. Customized prosthetic ears and noses have the potential to improve the quality of life for people with burn wounds. Such 3D-printed prosthetics may - among other things - help patients to breathe more easily and wear glasses more comfortably.

The price of the printer is 60,000 euro – 27,000 euro will be paid for through a prize given by the 3M Fonds.


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