Dec.22, 2013

Hacker and engineer Ben Heck tackles new projects each week. This week Ben takes his use of 3D printers to the next level and tries 3D scanning. He attempts to scan a variety of objects with the Cubify Sense 3D scanner to discover how to get the most out of the device and to create the best prints possible. Ben shows you how to build a rotational device for the scanner and shares what he learns about 3D scanning along the way.

(00:57) For his first test, Ben attempts to keep the scanner in a fixed location and rotate the object he's scanning.

(02:43) Ben has Rusty assist him in his second test, walking the scanner around a fixed object.

(03:23) Ben and Rusty tape the scanner to the laptop to make the scanning process a little easier. Plus, they suspend an object from the ceiling to get a better scan of the bottom of the object.

(05:03) Ben sticks with having the scanner taped to the laptop, but tries scanning an object on a black platform.

(06:35) Ben takes a break from the project to teach you a quick lesson about the STL files that create 3D prints.

(08:02) Ben builds a mount for the scanner the moves around an object in a circle. He uses a white colored background and attempts to scan a mini-arcade machine.

(13:46) Ben checks out the prints he created from his two successful scanning methods and discusses the benefits of the systems he came up with.


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Jamie V wrote at 11/15/2016 1:58:38 AM:

Is there another method of scanning a really large object such as a horse's skull for example, besides suspension?

Emmett Anderson wrote at 2/25/2016 4:41:42 PM:

at my school we have a sense 3d scanner and I recommended instead of using the sense software we use the skanect software, and it worked a lot better. Would recommend.

STEEL wrote at 12/4/2015 5:20:46 AM:

Buy the Skanect 3D Scanning Software By Occipital and get much better results from the Sense. Even on Intel Iris it's easy to scan without losing tracking.

Grace Smith wrote at 3/7/2015 9:18:33 PM:

This item is an absolute Piece of Crap! It loses tracking constantly, and it cant even handle scanning an igloo ice chest. I have watched your video on it as well as made the same type of device to connect it too, and it still is unable to scan something that is so simple as a rectangular box!!!!

eamon wrote at 10/9/2014 11:48:53 PM:

we have only just bought one of the Sense 3D scanners - i will build a rig to get it working properly - thanks for the show and tips

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