Dec.23, 2013

Sigma Labs, a developer of real-time quality inspection systems for 3D metal printing, today announced the development of technology to support a low-cost, 3D metal printer based on arc welding technology. As part of this initiative, Sigma Labs has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) to collaborate technically in the development of technology for a low-cost, 3D metal printer for near-net shape parts that require only 3- or 5-axis machining to take the parts to final form.

"Michigan Tech has recently developed an open source 3D printer based on gas metal arc welding technology. Sigma Labs has a unique knowledge base in advanced sensing and process control for gas metal arc welding." said Mark Cola, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Labs.

Sigma Labs, Inc. has two wholly-owned subsidiaries – B6 Sigma, Inc. and Sumner & Lawrence Limited (dba Sumner Associates). B6 Sigma develops precision manufacturing solutions and advanced materials technologies, as well as R&D solutions.

"Along with strategic partners, we intend to develop, test, and launch a customized, low-cost 3D printing solution for metals like titanium, steel, aluminum, and nickel-based alloys." Cola states. "Our low-cost printing technology is directly focused at servicing the currently untapped market of tens of thousands of users presently dissuaded by the high-cost, barriers to entry of 3D laser powder-bed solutions. Lastly, we have identified manufacturing sources capable of producing our low-cost 3D printing technology."

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Vermeer wrote at 12/24/2013 11:37:40 AM:

Hi, Do you have any video of 'how' this 3D metal printer works? its clearly not SLS based.

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