Jan.1, 2014

Las Vegas based Full Spectrum Laser (FSL), a company manufactures laser cutting/engraving products, has created a desktop 3D printer that uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to make high resolution prints.

While most of hobby grade 3-D printers use Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology - plastic wire is melted and laid down in layers until a 3D form is made, SLA uses lasers to cure liquid resin in microscopic layers.

This new type of hobbyist printer, called 'Pegasus Touch' utilizes laser found in your Blu-ray player to make models. Based on years of experience of controlling lasers properly, Pegasus Touch's control electronics can pulse its laser source at over 500kHz while moving the laser beam at 3000mm/sec using special FSL real-time laser processor used in $100,000 scanning laser systems. The Pegasus Touch is able to cure resin in a speed up to 3000mm/sec (>10x faster than most FDM, up to 6x faster than other SLA).

The Pegasus Touch SLA 3D printer produces layers of 25-100 microns. It has a larger build volume (7 x 7 x 9 inch / 177 x 177 x 228 mm) compared to the Form 1 (4.9 x 4.9 x 6.5 in / 125 x 125 x 165 mm). The integrated multi-touch capable desktop software automatically slices 3D models and generates the support structures required to print parts with overhangs. It has also included on-board Internet connected 3D Printer App Store that lets you find pretested models online right from the printer itself.


  • 3D Technology: 405nm scanning galvo laser liquid resin stereolithography
  • Build area: up to 7"x7"x9" (177x177x228mm)
  • Case Footprint: 11"x14"x22.5" (280x360x571mm)Processor: Built in 1GHz Linux computer with 512mB memory and 4.3" Touchscreen LCD Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, WiFi (requires optional USB dongle)
  • Speed: up to 3000mm/sec
  • Focused Laser Spot Size: ~250 microns
  • XY Positioning Resolution: 16bit precision, ~3 micron
  • Z Motor Resolution: ~5 micron (typical layer thickness 25-100 micron)

Another important feature is its affordability. FSL has launched the Pegasus Touch Laser SLA 3D Printer on Kickstarter and the prices start below $2,000. The Level 1 Printer Reward ($1,750) offers the lowest price but late delivery, around July 2014. If you want to get it quickly, an "Early Bird Level 5 Limited" award will deliver a Pegasus Touch in April 2014 for $2,250. And the resin used by the printer is available at only $100/liter.

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paul wrote at 7/29/2018 5:15:30 AM:

I have two of these machines and when I have a problem they work with me to fix it and if they can't I pay for the shipping to them and they work on it there but if they find it was an issue that is in the system they will ship it back with no cost. I have had my trials with them but over all they fix my printers all the time. I have had problems with the resin as well and they will check the number and if it was a bad batch they will ship you out one that is new. Also Makerjuice stinks so bad I had to put it out side for days just to not gag from the smell of the prints I made. I don't want to be personal but really anyone could have said telling them would void the warrantee. lol

Dan wrote at 4/8/2016 8:03:40 AM:

Hello all that are even considering purchasing this machine, short of it DON'T! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND AGRAVATION! Short story: Purchased this unit for our company to get better faster prints than the 2 FDM printers were currently using. The good, there faster! Have better resolution! If they print without failing!!!!! Thats the key. Ive used 3.5 liters of resin constantly checked leveling of the build plate and homing ive gone so far, as to surpass there "instrutional video" on youtube where they say "put 4 blocks on the corners and adjust till they all hit the build plate. How archaic! Have thes people not heard of a dial gauge? A 0 z setting gauge? Anyway build plate leveled to within .01mm. check, homed to within .07mm of vat for proper adhesion but not to close to fail the print. Check Now, print, fail, print, fail, call, email, call "check your leveling" im told, Print, fail, print, fail, "check your homing" im told. Print fail "ok print this test rook its your file" download, print, fail Call, email, "check your leveling" "i did its good" "check your homing" "i did its good" print, fail, print, fail, email, "Hey theres really somthing wrong here i need to get this working have prototypes to print"! "HELP!" "check your leveling" "its not the leveling its within .01mm see the pics" print, fail, call, "hello ive used almost 3.5 liters of resin and yet to get a good print, im getting no help here no information, no adjustments, can you please replace the wasted resin?" "Ya sure we will send you half a liter send us $15 for shipping" "ok thats a little bit of bad customer service, do you have any suggestions to get this thing printing?" "Check the leveling and homing" checked, perfect, print, fail. Screw this im using a different cheaper resin at least until this starts printing. Online, "maker juice g+" $cheaper great!, screw it ill try it. Purchase, delivery, uv flashlight test" small drop" wow looks promising. Ok got the FSL resin still in the vat ill try the test rook one last time. Fail, anger, clean the vat and build plate. Pour in the maker juice print PERFECT PRINT! HOLY CRAP GOTTA TELL FSL THIS, THERE FOR SURE GOING TO SAY OK GREAT HERE IS SOME FREE RESIN TO REPLACE YOUR LOSSES. SORRY FOR THE BS CUSTOMER SERVICE SORRY FOR DOUBTING YOUR SANITY, SORRY THE RESIN WE SOLD YOU WAS SO BAD WE'LL FIX IT. NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! "your not authorized to use any resin except ours, your warrentee is now void, other resins can ruin the motors and laser" "check your homing and leveling" "FSL WILL NOT BE REPLACING ANY OF YOUR RESIN" SO THE SHORT OF IT IS YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO USE ANY OTHER RESIN IN THE MACHINE YOU PAID OVER $4K FOR EVEN IF IT PRINTS AND THERES DOES NOT WITHOUT VOIDING THE WARENTEE ON PARTS THAT HAVE NO CONTACT, AND COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE RUINED BY A DIFFERENT RESIN, YOUR ONLY ALLOWD TO USE THE FSL RESIN AND GET POOR USELESS, FAILED, OR OTHERWISE BAD PRINTS FROM IT. SO YOU BASICALLY HAVE A PIECE OF EQUIPTMENT THAT COST $4K WILL NOT PRINT THE RESINS THEY FORMULATE FOR IT, AND YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO USE RESINS THAT DO OR YOUR WARENTEE IS VOID! PAPERWEIGHT ANYONE? HOPE YOU FOUND THIS HELPFULL, ILL BE POSTING IT ALL OVER THE WEB! HOPFULLY THE GREED MONGERS OVER AT FSL GET THERE HEAD OUT OF THERE BUTTS! THANKS ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY!

MyVideosToWatch Twitter wrote at 6/14/2015 12:48:37 PM:

purchase it http://www.fsl3d.com/

peter.stevko@gmail.com wrote at 8/18/2014 11:37:39 AM:

the same question: when and where can I purchase it

Vaibhav wrote at 4/13/2014 7:36:49 AM:

When Can I purchase it?

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