Jan.1, 2014

Meet the NESPoise – a posable, desktop NES clone arcade machine created by Dave Nunez. Nunez gathered a bunch of leftover parts from other projects: an arcade stick plus buttons and a NES Retro Entertainment System that you can purchase on Amazon for $15. Then he bought a 7″ car DVD screen that runs on between 8.5V and 13V on Amazon for about $40 and started some design with traditional arcade machine shape with OpenSCAD. Inspired by his desk lamp, he came up with a better design for this 'NESPoise' system, shown in the picture below.

Nunez had made several cool 3D-printed gaming console models in the past, including a 3D-printed Xbox One model. This time he wanted to create this miniature NES machine using 3D printing again. After 14 hours of printing, the final result is this 'nintendo' hacks, a pretty 'NESPoise' system. the black parts are black 3D printed PLA, while the red parts are varnished luaun plywood, to give it that great woodgrain VCS style retro look. And all of them were printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2.

First step in assembling the electronics was removing the Retrobit RES from it's case. Then he added enough ribbon cables/connectors to be able to move things to where he needed them. He also replaced the Retrobit voltage regulator with a beefy 7805 on a nice big heatsink. And the power LED was replaced with a logo light.

You can read the whole story about the design and building process at his blog, where he explains the various design ideas he tried for this project. This is definitely one of the coolest 'nintendo' hack. If you also like to play your 8 bit Nintendo games in style, and you have a 3D printer, you can download the design over at Thingiverse.

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