Jan.4, 2014

Barnacules Nerdgasm, software developer at Microsoft, wanted to try a 3D printer that is more for people with budget in mind so he added a 2nd 3D printer, ROBO 3D printer, to his Nerd Cave. The ROBO 3D printer R1 "ABS+PLA Model" Fully Assembled is a low cost desktop 3D printer priced at $699, including custom 10x10 heat bed for printing ABS. Below are three videos showing unboxing, first print, fixes & tips of the ROBO 3D printer. Check them out.


Watch below the 'Unboxing my Kickstarter Robo 3D Printer' by Nerdgasm:

First print

This video below is Nerdgasm's first print ever done on his new Robo 3D printer.

I had a very limited amount of sample material that was included in the printer to work with so I had to think small. And since it was Halloween a grumpy pumpkin was the only rational choice... Right?


This model was printed at 30mm/sec with 1.75mm filament on a 70c heated bed with 220c PLA at 0.15mm layer height and I think it came out pretty good. The few little defects with the model had to do with contamination of the material I was using since it had tape holding it together and the adhesive from the tape got attached to the PLA and wouldn't come off. Once that contamination was burned off the rest of the print went flawlessly. You can see I didn't have to use painters tape or kapton tape because the PLA stuck right to the heated glass without issues.


I painted the pumpkin using acrylic paint from the hobby store and my painting skills are obviously horrible but I love showing you guys everything even if it turns out horrible because that's how I learn and it should be how you learn too (and give you something to laugh at on the internet).

Fixes, tips and tricks

The latest video below from Nerdgasm will show you some fixes, tips and tricks he has done since he received his Robo 3D printer to get it printing reliability with no hassles.

Out of the box the printer never really performed well for me but after I tracked down the problems, made some tweaks and printed some upgrades I'm happy to report it works like a charm and is not giving me anymore problems!


One thing I forgot to mention in the video is to use 'Furnace Cement (from Amazon)' to secure the thermister (heat probe) to the print head instead of Kapton tape, it gives a much better connection between the censor and the block and the temps are far more stable as a result!


When I first received the printer and unboxed it I had several problems I had to trouble shoot and figure out ranging from the bed leveling issues to inconsistent feeding issues. The biggest problem with this printed I have found is the print head. The stock print head on the ABS model (can't speak for the PLA model) seems to have a problem with the tube inside cracking causing oozing or temperature problems leading to material extruding too hot or too cool. I also had problems with it jamming and clearing a jam from it was a nightmare. I found upgrading to an E3D print head was the best solution since this print head can handle any material and has not jammed on me once yet!

Technical Specs of ROBO 3D printer R1 "ABS+PLA Model":

  • Dimensions with spool holder: 15 x 22 x 18.25 in [38.1 x 55.88 x 46.35 cm]
  • Dimensions without spool holder: 15 x 17 x 18.25 in [38.1 x 43.18 x 46.35 cm]
  • Weight: 25.7~ [11.65 kg]
  • Shipping Weight: 49.0 lbs [22.22 kg]
  • Foot Print Y Axis (As the bed moves past the machine dimensions)= 26"
  • Build Volume: 10x9x8 inches (254x228.6x203.2mm) -720 cubic inches
  • Heated Bed: 8.4x8.4 heated surface on 10x10 bed for printing in ABS plastic as well as PLA
  • Hot end Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm diameter
  • Filament: Uses 1.75mm diameter filament
  • Motors: 5 Nema 17 motors with 48 oz/in holding torque
  • Electronics: Arduino MEGA 2560 with RAMPS 1.4 shield. Uploaded with the latest Marlin Firmware.
  • Layer Resolution: 100 Microns
  • Power supply: 12V 30Amps switching power supply (good for both 115v and 230v outlets)
  • Plastic Injection Molded parts for longer lasting 3D printer
  • 8 lm8uu bearings for precise movement

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Parker wrote at 1/18/2016 8:33:35 PM:

ROBO INC does NOT want this video taken down. The R1 & R1+ are open-source, so helping others in the community is great!

Henry Hancock wrote at 12/7/2015 3:57:26 AM:

I just got an R1+ unit and although one of the x-carriage units had slipped out of lead screw nut - the unit still printed perfectly right out of the box (I did not notice the slippage until after my first couple of prints - spool holder and feet) - the bed auto-leveling actually negated the sloping x-axis. I love the Nerdgasm and his reviews help me decide to go with the ROBO (that and it had the same controller as my RepRap Prusa i3- just glad the latest version has community upgrades incorporated. Peace.

Jack wrote at 7/10/2015 2:22:10 AM:

I wonder if Robo3D has made this changes to their printer yet? They have a new model coming out aswell on 2015 and wonder if many of these fixes are in the new model coming out?

AnonTX wrote at 10/22/2014 10:30:30 PM:

Thanks for the video. I won't be buying this guy now... haha. ;) Robo might want to pay you to take the video down. LOLOL.Better yet - take notes and make changes for rev 2.

Mike wrote at 9/27/2014 2:42:40 PM:

Hello I just got my Robo 3d printer and I can't get the driver to work on the printer. I have done all that the video told me and still I can't get the driver to install. Please help. Thanks

Peter wrote at 7/9/2014 4:14:26 PM:

I have the stock Robo3D Printer. No upgrades neccessary and I got it dialed in. I guess it's a matter of understanding what is neccessary to get it working. Thanks to the forum, got it working.

Narnian wrote at 3/20/2014 12:25:31 AM:

Do you have a link to the E3D Hot End you used on the Robo?

Bob Bunnell wrote at 3/15/2014 2:03:17 AM:

I have watched several of your videos. I just received my printer. Can you send me your info on the top holders for the posts and your spool holder that can be used on-top of the ROBO Printer. Your help will greatly appreciated. E-mail addess rbunell@att.net Thanks, Bob Bunnell

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