Jan.6, 2014

3D printing is great for fabricating prototypes and manufacturing individual and small lots. But 3D printing company Sculpteo's new Batch Control feature will help taking 3D printing into the realm of mass production.

The company's 3D-printing Batch Control gives users control to a greater degree over the quality and pricing of multi-unit orders. Sculpteo allows users to upload a 3D file, change the size and dimensions of the object directly within the browser. It lets users visualize their order inside the printer, compare per-unit price when they change the quantity of prints, and control the direction of the print layers by adjusting the z-axis orientation of models.

Sculpteo's software offers three finishes including glossy varnish, satin polish and double polish, two levels of print resolution and eleven colors to let customers customize their products. According to Sculpteo, this Batch Control will allow customers to save up to 35% by ordering multi-unit batches. Objects are automatically arranged to optimise the printing area for the lowest price. The visualiser also illustrates any empty space, enabling the user to fill the extra space without necessarily paying more for the additional objects.

Clement Moreau, co-founder of Sculpteo said: "Ordering multiple objects directly on our website turns 3D printing into a real manufacturing solution. By making it cost-effective for people to order higher volumes, Sculpteo is taking 3D printing beyond prototypes and on-demand manufacturing and into mass-production." Sculpteo will announce its new feature at CES 2014.


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Chris wrote at 7/12/2014 3:47:09 AM:

Ernest is funny.

Patricia Hall wrote at 6/2/2014 4:01:38 PM:

This is beginning to look an awful lot like Kraftwurx patent that I read about on Fabaloo.com. The drawing 5 shows stacking and nesting system and Figure 7 also shows the same.

Ernest Washington wrote at 3/21/2014 4:53:55 PM:

I have a project that I need production of, I am certain that you can produce this for us but what I need to know is can you mass produce at a factory level? If you can you are just the people that I have been looking for.

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