Jan.9, 2014

Magicfirm Europe AB announces today the launch of the mbot3D GRID II 3D Printer for the European market. Founded in September 2013 Magicfirm Europe AB focuses on the sales and support of Magicfirm's products in Europe.

The MBot Grid II 3D printer has inherited the strong metal chassis design of the previous generation, and has a large build volume of 260x230x200mm. The most important feature is Magicfirm's automatic 3-point build plate calibration system.

According to the company, the system relies on a probe integrated in the print head, combined with small holes in the build plate that enables the print head nozzle to go below the print surface when probing the build plate.

The calibration sequence is divided into two steps,


the first step will level the build plate, the user is asked to sequentially turn one of three knobs under the build plate until a LED lights up at the print head, and this indicates that the build plate is at the correct level for this position.


The second step will calibrate and save the distance between the nozzle and the build plate surface, this is done by raising the build plate in small steps until the distance between the nozzle and build plate surface is about 100 µm, indicated by the use of a copier paper as a shim.


At every print the build plate surface is probed at three points, and the save calibration value is used.

The GRID II also uses a new build plate design, using a glass base plate laminated with plastic top surface. This build plate surface enables printing with most of the currently available filament types without any need for a heated plate or adding temporary solutions to the plate.

The build plate is held in place with three neodymium magnets, making it easy to remove the plate before removing the prints. Mbot Grid II also introduces a reworked print head, with a dual head print cooling system comprised of dual strong fans guided through air-flow channels directly to the extrusion point, so that the PLA can be cooled rapidly when extruding from the print head.

Magicfirm also announces that all new features, including automatic build plate calibration system, will be available to the open source community in original form, including a DIY instruction how to upgrade your current mbot3D printer, under open source license, creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

The printer is available now for purchase in single head or dual head configuration, the price is 1,245 Euro and 1,395 Euro plus VAT and shipping respectively.

Images credit: Magicfirm


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Wozza wrote at 2/14/2016 1:09:49 PM:

I own 12 printers including Makerbots i have build many repraps and you people complain so much, why cant you just use your energy to repair and come up with better idea to solve the problem.. Then you can let everyone know how good your engineering really is and not how good you can cry "Ive been beaten" or " help they rip me off " I don't care what printer you own all i like to see is people being creative and learning how to cope with what ever problem they have. manufacturers cant hold everyone's hand can they ?????

Jackie wrote at 3/29/2014 8:04:04 AM:

@NotaFanAnymore You are known as huberbobas and hater which have 20 different nicknames everywhere you appear as Zortrax hater but your are not Zortrax owner. I like my Zortrax and this is the best machine. We are different because my Zortrax doing it's job on my desk and your hate is just using pictures and informations from google.

NotaFanAnymore wrote at 2/25/2014 4:18:42 PM:

I can say the sme abot ZORTRAX, they ban everyone on the forum who has different views than their own. The 1.5 micron positioning is a joke, they lie and get away with it. Even precision ballscrew machines do not have 1.5 microns, and ZORTRAX claims this with BELTS. The platform is not straight, bottom of the plate leaves parts curved, so much for engineering prints..... The users had bad bearings all ready, so quality is Chinese, the claimed features are not available, you buy a printer that claims 0.025 Z layer and then find out that you have to beta test the thing until ZORTRAX makes such features available. The filament price was increased twice for europen users after kickstarter.... Should I continue?????

unhappy mbot excustomer wrote at 1/13/2014 11:20:07 PM:

I am a mbot cube owner, and electrical engineer. I can only say that the cube was such a bad printer with lots of clear samples that the people behind it dont know what they are doing. the build plate was visibly bent on arrival, thermocouples werent insulated from the heater blocks, thus they were short circuited between them, sloppy belts, very noisy power supply, overall bad build quality, and they refused to release the designs for the version they were manufacturing at the time and many more issues. And Im talking about two printers, both with the exact same problems. In short, I trusted them and they didnt deliver, do you like to hand hundreds of dollars to a unreliable chinese company? then this is your chance! Not for me anymore.

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