Jan.10, 2014

At CES 2014, Nikon invited visitors to explore the vast potential of Nikon's cutting-edge imaging technologies. Nikon teamed up with Alexx Henry Studios to create a xxArray camera system that lets you create a perfectly detailed 3D model of a person or yourself. And the best thing is, Nikon inserted the 3D model of yourself into a video game so you can played the game as if you were in the game yourself.

This xxArray system is a photo booth equipped with 68 cameras and can capture a 360-degree, full-body 3D image in a single shot. The cameras — Nikon D5200s and 5300s — all fire at the same time to create a 15.4 gigapixel image. So posing for a couple quick shots only takes a few seconds. Then the pictures are sent to three computers to create 3D models. Process time to create the avatar can take up to two hours. But it's well worth the wait, because the scans are so detailed - the setup could generate a 14-million polygon render of the subject. In fact, operators need to lower the poly count to the 100,000 range to allow the video game processors to handle it.

Then the next step is to assign the 3D image to a digital wireframe to generate onscreen articulation, allowing your realistic avatar to run, jump, fly and even break dance. See Alexx Henry talking about the system in the following video.

There are a lot of things you could do with a photorealistic 3D model of yourself. You can get it 3D printed in high resolution and make an action figure of yourself or manipulate the model with design software. But putting yourself in a video game is a fascinating idea. Gamers would love to have their likeness added to their favorite game. Although it is not yet possible to animate the face, with time, you could practically do anything with these 3D models.


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Leslie Chan wrote at 3/11/2014 6:42:06 AM:

I was a CES visitor and participant at the Nikon xxArray photo shoot. I completed and signed the form but never received any contact since January 8, 9 or 10, 2014. I provided my email address on the signed form to be contacted. Your intern explained it would take two days to process my photographed image to a 3D avatar. Here is my email address: chan.leslie88@gmail.com Thank you

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