Jan.20, 2014

Today is the final day to help make the Icepop Generator a reality through the Dutch funding platform Voordekunst. The Icepop Generator is a concept machine by MELT icepops – which is a small start-up in Amsterdam that designs and produces personalized ice pops. The group is interested in developing new forms, flavors, and production techniques, and can be found at certain festivals and events. However, there are still many time-consuming steps in their manufacturing process. Their dream is to produce a portable installation which will allow them bring their process to the public. With this machine, the group plans to help people to become acquainted with 3D design, technology, and food applications while providing them with a unique experience in creating and enjoying their personalized ice pop.

3D printing an ice pop would be a tricky task – so the group has devised an alternative solution: the Icepop Generator. This is a CNC machine which will function as a sort of mechanical sculptor. It operates using a sort of drill which travels back and forth across three axises. In this way, a design is carved out of a block of material. In the case of the Icepop Generator the CNC machine will be built in a freezer with a fourth axis which turns the ice. A block of ice on a stick is processed in the machine which reveals the desired form. The machine itself consist partially of a glass freezer so that it is possible to people are able to view the process in real time.

The design for the Icepop Generator is nearly finished. The group plans to use part of the funds generated in this campaign to purchase an Ultimaker 3D printer which will allow them to print parts for the Icepop Generator.

On Friday, the group demonstrated their machine on the popular Dutch television show De Wereld Draait Door by creating a customized popsicle in the form of the face of the show's host.

Every contributor to the project is guaranteed at least an popsicle which makes the Icepop Generator is a delicious investment in any case.


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Sylvana wrote at 6/3/2016 8:53:23 AM:

where can i buy 3D printing ice pop machine ? my email xin29yin@yahoo.com thank you

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