Jan.21, 2014

3D printing shop Mixee Labs launches today a new 3D printing service "Mixee Bobbler" that will let you create your fully 3d printed custom Bobble Head.

Each Mixee Bobbler is 2.5" tall and will come in three pieces: head, spring, and body. The figurine is made with 3d printed sandstone and the spring is made with 3d printed nylon plastic, both are printed at Shapeways. There is no need for extra tools to assemble. Just insert the spring into the head and body. Gravity will hold everything in place!

"Ever since we launched our Mixee Me product, we've heard many customers tell us these figurines look like bobble heads. But, we'd always lower our voice and say, "yes, except it doesn't bobble." One day, we stopped and thought, why not make them bobble?" explains Nancy Liang, Co-Founder of Mixee Labs.

You can now custom and make your own Mixee Bobbler with Mixee Labs' online tool and order for just $25 (USD) each.

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