Jan.31, 2014

3D printing is in the air in the Netherlands. Today the new 3D printer store Ridix opened in Rotterdam which is one of the first 3D printer stores in The Netherlands. The new Dutch shop joins two others located Haarlem and Arnhem in offering 3D printing products and services to customers and represents a growing interest in 3D printing across the country.

Skeptics and supporters of 3D printing alike can check out the technology in action at the 3D printer store Ridix at Westblaak 87 in Rotterdam. The sci-fi quality of the 3D printing experience has attracted a lot of attention for the store where 3D printers are demonstrated, rented, and sold. Ridix imports from the Dutch market and offers quality, affordable 3D printers like models from Wanhao, RoBo, Builder, 3DSystems, Felix, and Leapfrog which are in-stock and directly available.

The store also offers services like affordable professional prototyping and in-store professional scanning. These scans can be uses by individuals or groups to create solo or collective 3D selfies which the store describes as having your own Madame Tussaud within reach.

"Everyone is a maker," that's the motto of the 3D printer store MakerPoint located at Rijnstraat 13 in Arnhem in the Netherlands which celebrated its opening last week on 22 January 2014. The store offers a variety of 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D lifestyle products to customers. It has Makerbots, Ultimakers, 3DSystems Cube 3D printer, and Builder 3D printers. The store emphasizes that everything is possible with 3D printing in terms of making and adapting designs and printing in different materials and colors.

Images: MakerPoint 3D printer store

The 3D printer shop located in Haalem called 3D Studio Van Pampus (3DSVP) opened last year and was the first in the Netherlands. Owner Hanneke van Pampus described her shop:

"You can bring your own design, and you can also make a customized product... We print a lot of phone cases. People can upload their design, then we quote the price. We discuss and work together with customers to get the project done.

"Does it take a long time to print?

"Yes, for example it takes 24 hours to 3D print a phone case, and another 24 hours to cool it down.

"Therefore you can not just cycle to the shop, order and bring the 3D printed product to home?"

"We have here a personal desktop printer (She pointed at a Leapfrog Creatr 3D printer), it can 3D print a phone case in 1.5 hour. Nice material, nice prints and not so expensive. Then you can just bring your stuff home in just few hours."

The Rotterdam store is only the most recent sign of the growing interest in 3D printing technology in The Netherlands and internationally. For the average consumer in the Netherlands who views 3D printing technology as fun, interesting, or innovative these stores are a great opportunity to learn and explore. For those more skeptical about 3D printing technology, these shops offer a chance to complain about the resolution in real time. There is something for everyone at these new 3D printer stores.

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Anja wrote at 2/1/2014 1:10:06 PM:

@Tim, this is the new store in Rotterdam they have just announced open - officially.

Tim wrote at 2/1/2014 12:19:20 AM:

I was about 9 months ago at Ridix store when i both my leapfrog creator, information above cannot be right . This is just their new store and its also already 3 monts open, Nice people by the way,good service.

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