Feb.5, 2014

Californian-based 3D printing marketplace, 3DaGoGo, has added a new 'Communities' feature to its platform to help 3D printing designers network, engage, and create communal storefronts for their designs.

The highlight of the 'Communities' feature is the communal storefront. Any designer, or group of designers, can create a 'Communities' page and decide on the membership profile. They will then be able to upload and manage a communal storefront where all the members' designs are showcased in one location. This communal storefront will automatically populate from the designs in each of the members' storefronts. Other features such as the ability to select which designs to showcase, highlight featured designs, and set up forums are in the process of being developed and will be added later this year.

Co-Founder and CEO Drew Taylor reflected: "In late 2013, we were approached by Fab Lab San Diego to create a networking and community platform for their designers."

Fab Lab San Diego is part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Fab Lab Network, and connects laboratories and production facilities around the world to "help actualize ideas by turning concepts into physical forms through design and fabrication".

"Since 2012, The Global FabLab Network has been exploring the opportunity to create a platform for each FabLab location to showcase their designs and collaborate with each other," said Katie Rast, Director at Fab Lab San Diego. FabLab San Diego is currently showcasing some of their proven-to-print designs for 3D home printing. "What started as a project for us has now turned into a platform that all 3D designer teams around the world can use." FabLab San Diego is also the first group to launch a 'Communities' page on 3DaGoGo.

The 3Dagogo platform allows designers to set their own prices, offer business and commercial license options and get paid for their art. "Every design is guaranteed to print", said the company. "We want to set designers with 3D printing experience apart from those without."

Later last year the site also launched 'Storefronts' feature that allows users to create their own storefronts.

Drew added: "3DaGoGo is currently visited by over 2,500 unique visitors a month, and we have about 100 designers that are consistently uploading and selling their proven-to-print 3D designs. We expect those numbers to rise significantly with our upcoming exposure at South By Southwest 2014 (SXSW), and the launch of 'Communities' as it complements the very unique niche we have carved in the 3D printing design market."

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